VTCT Reflexology, AAMET 2 EFT, International Beauty Council, IHHT Aromatherapy, Dr. Hauschka Esthetician, Dr Hauschka Acne Specialist, Nutrition Diploma, Reiki Master. 

I have been practising holistic beauty therapy for 26 years and have had the most wonderful, educative and inspiring journey, culminating in the launch of my own bespoke treatments and the Stephanie Slade Skincare Range. 

I have always sought to enhance my knowledge of the skin and the huge range of treatments available through ongoing training and working with talented people who have delighted in imparting their wisdom. Through the many courses and qualifications I have gained, I have an in-depth understanding of the body, skin, anatomy but also the empathy, intuition and commitment required to be a great therapist. 

Career highlights include the time I spent working with the brilliant Auyervedic expert from Northern India, Etrily Williams, who taught me many of the skills I use today. Etrily and I created products together including creams, masks, acne treatments, depilatories, hair conditioners and even treatments for thinning hair. All with the highest quality natural ingredients - which is still an integral part of  my ethos today. Etrily also taught me threading which at the time was completely unknown in the UK.

I was then invited to work with The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden by the head therapist, when it was the most luxurious spa in London, and a place I had once dreamed of working. The sheer volume of customers and pace at which we had to work, taught me a whole new range of skills - but ultimately it also showed me that I prefer to work in a more intimate environment with bespoke treatments tailored to each client’s needs. 

From here my life journey took me to a then little known brand called Dr. Hauschka - a brand with such a strong ethos, that it vetted the feel of therapists’ hands before an application to join the company could even be made! I also loved the care the brand took in the way the ingredients were grown for the product range, a process which helped me broaden my knowledge. I became their acne specialist which in turn led to me to my specialist area today - skin with a few hiccups. 

As well as my formal training and work experience, my knowledge of ingredients and the effects they can have on the system also come from more personal life experiences such as pregnancy. In my quest to use products that nourished the skin but did not contain potentially harmful mineral oils and synthetic additives such as plant butters and oils, and organic essential oils, I began creating my own creams. A distressing bout of acne at the age of 28, also taught me the power of homeopathy. How a combination of good nutrition, keeping the skin PH balanced and the art of gentle lymphatic rhythm, could provide a lasting cure that antibiotic creams and tablets could not.

My product and treatment range are a distillation of all of these experiences and aim to bring the whole body back into a relaxed state so that it can start healing. I practice Reflexology, the Emotional Freedom Technique* and have also developed the Stephanie Slade Facial, which stimulates the lymph nodes in the upper body, decollete, head and neck to release toxins from the system. The result is skin that appears clearer, fresher, more youthful and relaxed, and a mind that is calmer.